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You’d expect the land of the Kama Sutra to be as sexy as the temple art but Bollywood hasn’t yet cracked Hindu morality.

Are there any people quite so beautiful as the Indians?

Possibly not, however male-female relations in India are heavily defined by the religion and culture. In theory sex should only take place in marriage and a woman’s virtue and reputation are carefully guarded. If one girl should commit an indiscretion the shame spreads to all her sisters too.

In a country where just about everything is watered down or polluted, Indians are obsessed with ideas of purity. Naturally, this only applies to women who are good for one use and then are defiled for life.

Of course there are many Indias and in the wealthier circles in cities with a cooler social scene like Mumbai, Pune or Bangalore, then you might find yourself in a circle where casual sex and romance is accepted.

For the most part though, the average male traveller isn’t going to meet any Indian girls as he’s just not part of the culture, religion or society.

And if he does somehow find his way in then the ‘love’ will often come with plenty of strings attached. You see the occasional Westerner that gets married but they marry a village at the same time.

Likewise, the only cool Indian guys that a woman might want to meet will be from a wealthier background who have had the opportunity perhaps to travel and get a little more hip. Their perspectives on the gender roles are still likely to be a little outdated though – could suit old-fashioned girls.

The rest of the Indian guys in the street are always at the ready but most are hopelessly immature and only have a vague, Bollywood notion of what sex is about. Sex education is pitiful through most of India and you can be sure that any notions of foreplay, female orgasm and sex lasting more than a couple of minutes are few and far between.

Indians are beautiful but rarely sexy Not easy to get laid in the land of the kama sutra

So how did India come to be so repressed, a country that produced the karma sutra and the erotic carvings to be fond on temples up and down the land. Well, things change and the culture became radically more conservative in the last few centuries. Marriage in India is seen as a duty. Following the example of a god like Rama, Hindus should marry and procreate not for their own good but out of religious obligation. Their happiness is supposed to always come second to that.

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