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How to Stay Safe Abroad Guide

Whether you’re nervous about South American kidnappers, corrupt Thai police or drunk Glaswegian thugs, read on and find out how to stay safe and sound on the road.

The perils that face the traveler are many: natural disasters, disease, wild animals and falling guidebooks are all amongst the most common causes of death abroad but as we all know, the real danger is out fellow human beings. All too often travelers arrive in a foreign country and before they’ve learnt how to ask the way to the beach, someone has hit them on the head with a bottle, pickpocketed their wallet or tricked them into buying a handful of glass emeralds.

Luckily, Road Junky is here to tell you how to avoid getting beaten up, robbed or otherwise extorted by the parasites of the human race that prey upon disorientated backpackers. Travelers have been extorted, kidnapped and sometimes killed for thousands of years and though the bandits will still probably meet their quota each year, the smart traveler can help make sure he or she doesn’t contribute to the statistics.