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In Hong Kong, yellow-fever exists almost exclusively in the Y-Chromosome. Western (Gweilo) men frequently chase, date and marry Asian women. However, being a single, western woman can lead to frustration in a city of ‘Asia-fied’ men. Western women and Asian men rarely seek out each other; the size incompatibility (guys too thin/small and women too big/tall) proves too physically dramatic for most.

In a city renowned for money, expensive tastes and late night drinking sessions, dates for men can bounce between shallow, ‘what expensive things can you buy me’ encounters. While the number of women who exclusively seek a wealthy man remains a debatable stereotype, many women now receive equal pay to men and are open to sharing dinner/drinks bills.

Getting a date does require some effort. Shy and demure, most Hong Kong women won’t approach a man. And since many local girls live at home to save on rent and have more money for shopping, a date will never end at her place. Cultural and style differences, such as local Cantonese women applying ‘whitening’ cream to lighten skin tone, also interjects bewilderment to the usual dating adventures.

When Asian woman approach or make obviously flirtations contact, expect her to charge you at the end of the night – or in the morning. While prostitutes from Mainland China circle the bars and Karaoke establishments, Southeast Asian women, primarily Thai and Filipina, dominate the western bars.

Applying any superficial definition for homosexuality would lead Hong Kong to have one of the highest percentages of lesbians in the world. Women frequently walk hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm throughout the city. However, the innocent bond indicates friendship and a desire for some intimacy in a city with one of the lowest levels of sex and births.

Hong Kong’s gay population is actually quite small and stuck in the 1950s; only a handful of clubs and bars exist with many located in alleys.

Jeremy Andrulis