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Where to Stay

Holland isn’t the cheapest of countries so finding a bed in a hostel will take chunks out of your budget – and the smaller towns will only have hotels which are more expensive still – though never be shy to bargain for the room price, especially if you’re staying for a few days.

Hostels in somewhere like Amsterdam will cost you around 18-30 Euros a night, depending on how sparse the dorms are and whether there are alnight parties that prevent anyone from sleeping.

As usual you can save money by making friends via the hospitality club Apartments in Holland

Finding a place to stay long-term in Holland can be an absolute nightmare. It’s tough to find somewhere and they ask for huge amounts of deposit money and references first.

So it’s common to look for someone renting out a room in a house but then strict Dutch conditions often apply. It’s quite normal for instance that your host might ask you to specify in advance which hour of the day you intend to use the kitchen – that way awkward situations such as two people needing the sieve at the same time can be avoided.

Or, although Holland is supposed to be a modern country, you might find yourself renting a room without access to hot water. Through the winter.

Damien Leze