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Holland Travel Guide

Small, flat and nonthreatening, Holland is a tranquil country where only the most inventive traveler could get in much trouble.

Holland (or at least Amsterdam) is world famous for its liberal drug policy and institutionalization of prostitution but there is more to this tiny European country then its capital’s inherent debauchery.

Indeed, coffee-shops, smart-shops and red-lights districts can be found in all major Dutch cities. So, if you were to venture in Dutch cities less renowned for their decadence you know you’ll never have to be bored. Marijuana and magic mushrooms are available anywhere remotely big enough to be labeled a town. Ask anyone in the streets and they’ll direct you, in English, to where you need to go.

Of course there are more reasons to come to Holland than to get stoned. There are boat cruises on the canals of Amsterdam, museums to visit up and down the country, sailing trips to the Frisian islands in the north, a day in one of the most impressive flower park in the world, the keukenhof, or biking through cities, spacing out on modern and historical architecture.

Of course, nothing stops you from combining the conventional to the alternative and, trust us, you won’t be the first to think about it. The van Gogh Museum is filled with drooling art amateurs hypnotically staring at the Sunflowers and other Van Gogh masterpieces under the influence of magic mushrooms or top-notch ganja.

But don’t be fooled, not all Dutch are drug-dazed pornographers. On the contrary, this small country bordering Belgium, Germany and the North Sea is mostly populated by tall, reasonable potato eaters (see van Gogh’s painting). High perched and crane looking but not high flying, the Dutch smoke less weed then most of their European or North American counterparts.

What is true for marijuana is true for other drugs. In a country were heroin junkies get their daily dose and clean syringes free of charge from the government, hard-drug addiction remains significantly lower then most other developed countries.

Holland, like Germany, is an efficient and organized country but, unlike Germany, the Dutch don’t seem to be quite as obsessed by rules and regulations, at least not to the point of it being a psychological disorder. The streets are clean, the mail is delivered and the trains, in most cases, run on time.

Small, flat and unthreatening, Holland is a tranquil country where only the most inventive traveler could get in much trouble. Just maybe not the best place for your drug addiction treatment

Damien Leze