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India & Middle East

In general you’ll have no problems in Muslim countries where the guest always has a special place of honour.


Hitchhiking can be pretty good in India though generally people pay to be taken a distance along the road – public transport is sometimes non-existent. Make it clear before you get in.

You can always trust a Sikh driver and in general the truck people will want to take care of you. They’ll press food upon you and you can sleep on rope beds at the truck stops. There’s also water here for you to wash in your underwear (men only!)

The roads can be abysmal though, especially if you head along smaller highways. Only around the cities will you get rides in cars and these will be with upper class Indians.

Here the hand is held horizontal to the ground.



Israel used to be a hitchhiker’s paradise before the first intifada in the 80’s. Soldiers can still be seen hitchhiking but it’s slower going for those of us who aren’t carrying a gun. Perhaps that’s why  the technique here is to point one finger at the ground like a pistol.



There are some big deserts in Pakistan and the going can be painfully slow. The drivers will take good care of you though and the trucks are the most beautiful in the world – they look like they’ve driven through a tinsel supermarket covered in glue.



The hitchiking is pretty good here though people will reportedly warn you that you’re committing suicide if you venture East into the Kurdish conflict zones. Drivers will often look after you and invite you home.