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HItchwiki is the indispensable modern hitchhiking resource with tips from hundreds of travellers on how to leave main cities across the world with public transport directions to the exit points and general advice on budget travel.

Don’t miss wikihitch – here you can get reports and advice on hitchhiking in almost every country in the world.

Hitchhiking to India with no money – Tom Thumb’s free online book Hand to Mouth to India Digi-Hitch – The best hitchhiking site on the web

Ludo’s Trip round the world – A Frenchman hitching across America and the world. Inspiring stuff

Insane Poles Hitch the World Over – These two hitch absolutely everywhere.

Autostop Argentina – Hitchhiking gathering and forum (in Spanish only)

World hitchhiking competition – Get out there and may the best thumb win..