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North & Central America

United States:

Contrary to what most of the people think hitchhiking still works here and is well worth the trouble. Sometimes you just have to wait for a while (sometimes for quite a long while) but according to the second Law of hitchhiking, sooner or later one of those passing cars will stop and pick you up. Generally the bigger and busier the road, the less actual chances of someone stopping. While on some forgotten back road with one car an hour you can be sure that this one car will pull over and pick you up.

For some mysterious reasons in this country of freedom such a harmless activity as hitchhiking in some places is illegal. Don’t get discouraged, sometimes police themselves will give you a ride, and if you happen to meet particularly mean ones, pretend you give up and go to the nearest gas station and ask for a ride (talking to people is not illegal, yet..)

It’s the best way to get to know this vast country and its people. And you’ll be traveling first class, compared to the most of the world. Great, well kept roads, wide freeways, fast, luxurious, air-conditioned cars.


Pretty much similar to the States. Comfortable, convenient. Long distance rides. Friendly people.


hitchhiking works fine here, only get ready for many rides at the back of slow, dirty and noisy trucks. The advantage is open air and great views. Some people would charge you for a ride so make it clear that you are a hitchhiker before you get in.


The country is so small and only have one main road across it, so we crossed it really fast and had no problem with getting rides whatsoever. Very friendly, relaxed people talking funny English.


We hitchhiked all over Guatemala. Some places are easier than others but eventually you will always get a ride and meet a lot of friendly people along the way. In some remote places with no or very little public transportation private cars work as buses and will charge you for a ride but the charge is minimal. You may be able to negotiate a free ride too but you have to make it clear before you get in.

El Salvador:

No problems with hitchhiking.


Roads not in the best condition and most rides with some dirty pickup trucks but otherwise no problems.


Similar to the previous Central American countries.

Costa Rica:

What a change. Good roads and most of the rides with American tourists with rental cars.


More like the United States than like Central America as far as roads and quality of vehicles.

No problems with getting a ride.