Religion and Soul


Vishnu comes back in the form of Krishna to play flute in the meadows, make love to hundreds of cowgirls at the same time and, ultimately, take up the sword to rid the earth of more demons.

Krishna is the only really fun god. He’s the embodiment of divine love and joy and is generally a feel-good deity with lots of free loving and pranks. He’s the kind of guy who will steal the heart of anyone who is foolish enough to think it belongs to them in the first place and not to God.

He grows up around cows and is often depicted as a babe sleeping up high in the mountains. The big advantage to the life of a god-shepherd was not only that he could seduce the gopis, the cow-girls with his flute but that he could make love to many of them at the same time.

He’s no pushover either and does his fair share of demon-slaying too, that being pretty much the bread and butter of any Vishnu avatar.

As the god of joy his followers take the Hindu path of devotion and chant his name ecstatically until the tea boils or even longer.

Of course Krishna is also the god of the Hari Krishna devotees. They build temples around the world and feed the poor with food that doesn’t contain onions or garlic – thought to be stimulating to the sex drive and thus interfere with Krishna consciousness. Bang your tambourine, chant Hari Hari Krishna and bring some garlic in your pocket to make the food taste good.