Work Abroad

Guide to Tour Leading

Could it be the dream job?

Travel the globe and earn money. Live a life that’s just ‘one big holiday’ and have an all year tan. Acquire a lover in every port, and wow your friends back home with endless stories of adventure. Finally, meet countless beautiful young men and women to whom you are the ultimate oracle of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. That is of course the glamorous life of an adventure tour leader.

If only.

In reality you’ll work incredibly hard. When you do have a moments peace to fart or breathe in between running around after your clients, you’ll probably spend it with your head buried in paperwork, updating accounts or writing a report on the bowel movements of a poorly client. Something that was described to you in graphic detail over breakfast.

The healthy tan you once knew as a backpacker will fade with sleep deprivation, and you’ll adopt an off-white, ever so slightly jaundiced colour and heavy bags under your eyes. Usually you’ll spend a single night or two in each port of call, so only the swiftest Cassanovas will be able to score, even if they do have the energy after a hard day’s graft.

And your clients, those beautiful young men and women, will probably be a little bit older than yourself. Retired, or on their way to retirement, and whilst you can wow them with your local knowledge, ultimately they will be an oracle of knowledge for you. From hip replacements to pensions (something you won’t have by the way), you’ll hear it all.

But there is some truth in the opening statement. You will travel the whole world and earn money. Still interested? Read on.

Tariq El Kashef

Tariq El Kashef is the author and editor of – The Online Egypt Travel Guide