On the Road


These guys are the most likely to be fighting it our for domination of the planet with the cockroaches after the next nuclear war. They come in all shapes and sizes are found in deserts, jungles and warm mountains all over the world. They range from 3 cm in southern Europe to 20cm giants in southern Africa.

They hide under rocks, tree bark and backpacks of unsuspecting travelers. Be very careful when overturning anything in scorpion country and shake out your boots in the morning. In fact, keep your boots and clothing off the ground at night.

Whilst rarely fatal, their stings can cause anything from a nasty sting to paralysis and fever. It’s only the old, ill of very young who run the risk of death from a scorpion sting.

Treat as for snake bite. Wash the area that has been stung, keep it cold if possible and position the lomb below the heart so that the poison travels more slowly around the body.