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Trance Parties

For many techno music doesn’t make sense until you hear it on drugs, preferably LSD. It can be an amazing space for self-exploration in the mist of a few hundred stoned dancers but you need to take a great deal of care that everything goes okay.

Alas, the golden days of Goan trance parties are long gone as the Indian mafia realised that there was a lot of money to be made out of all these hippies bouncing around on drugs. They opened discotheques and paid the police to outlaw the trance parties that used to be held in nature.

Make sure you take enough money with you to buy water as the heat rises fast and you don’t want to get stuck with not enough fluids in you. If you’re a serious dancer you might also want to bring some re-hydration salts with you as you’re going to be sweating big time.

A small torch is good in case you need to go and shit in the forest at some point. Drugs can do funny things to your system and in fact many trippers elect to fast the day before a party so as not to be troubled by their intestines. Don’t combine drugs unless you’re an experienced space cadet.

You can find a friendly chai mat lady to look after some of your things if you tip her nicely. It’s good in any case to find a friendly corner you can retreat to in case things go wrong. The parties can be quite spiky affairs and it’s a good plan to find a space on the dance floor where you feel comfortable.

If you start to feel bad try to dance it out by yourself or else just jump on the nearest motorbike taxi and head to the beach. Things often get better in the morning if you can hold out that long.

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