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Goa Travel Guide

Goa is like an oasis in India. When the maddening crowds finally begin to drive you insane, you can’t get rid of your diarrhea and you want to go and party with travellers from the rest of the world, you hop on a train to Goa.

Goa is a state on the West coast of India and used to be a Portuguese colony and the Catholic heritage lives on. The Hindus now outnumber the Christians but there are churches everywhere, old Portuguese houses and freaks bombing around on motorbikes in various stages of inebriation.

Goa became world famous for it’s trance parties and until recently was a mecca for partygoers worldwide. The greed of police and local mafia have ensured the demise ot trance partiers in nature though and nowadays the parties resemble more discos. But there are still plenty of people dancing away on LSD.

Many just choose to chill out in the ambience of the place. The beaches aren’t as gorgeous as Thailand perhaps, but they’re still beautiful and have largely avoided the ravages of development. So many weird and wonderful people spend their winters there that certain areas have an international village feeling. There are many Western families who spend the season here with their kids and so the demographic is as varied as you could want it to be.

Whether for the Israeli wolf packs that occupy the beaches of Vagator, to the old freaks in Anjuna that started it all, Goa is one of the last refuges left for the freaky souls among us who dream of a different world.

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