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There are few places in the world where you can walk around alone at night a feel safe. For sure, Germany has its share of crime and murders, but the streets for the most part are safe. A lot that makes streets unsafe in other parts of the world is the presence of alcohol. But unlike the English, Germans are fun drunks. They like to link arms together and sing, and certainly don’t roam the streets looking to break bottles over people’s heads.

It is also a very healthy and clean country. All residents are required to have health insurance and the food, produce and water is of a high quality. This is also a social state; check the street people asking for money and you’ll notice they are wearing Nikes.

There are no dangerous insects or animals, and even most of the dogs have to wear muzzles. Cars stop for pedestrians and almost every street has a bicycle path.

Having said all that, don’t stagger around the street drunk and waving money in the air. And big city train stations, like everywhere in the world, can be seedy places at night. Stick to where the locals go, blend in with the crowd, and if you do become the victim of a crime, write a story about it because it will be a rare event.

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Cam Jeffery

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