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Forget about Heidi in pigtails. modern Germans are smart, cool and sexy.

If you find yourself in one of Germany’s major cities, plonk yourself down at an outdoor cafe, pretend to read a newspaper and spy all the people walking past. Germans are well-dressed, athletic, stylish and beautiful. Unfortunately, when they pass middle age, the meat and potatoes diet starts catching up with them and they tend to hang on to the fashions and styles of their youth. But when they are young, you can’t help but admire the beauty hidden beneath the business suits and designer jeans.

Meeting people is rather easy, and you will seldom come up against a language barrier. Younger people tend to meet at bars and clubs while older adults move between their circles of friends. Germans, both men and women, are surprisingly flirtatious and more Frech (cheeky) than they will admit. Eye contact is important, and you need to be confident but not arrogant.

German Girls

The vision is of some blond-haired, pigtailed, buxom Heidi with her voluptuous body wedged into a blue and white Dirndl several sizes too small, and carrying ten glasses of beer. These women exist of course but it’s normally those ten glasses of beer, the ones you have drunk, which makes Heidi look attractive.

German girls are fantastic. Born and raised in an equal country, women are dominant in most facets of life, except in top-level business but they understand that that’s too stressful. The girls like to laugh, have a good time, and will probably drink you under the table. They are not exactly used to being propositioned in the streets and most hate Machismo men, but they are flattered by attention and romance.

German Boys

This vision is of a BMW driving bank clerk with a stringy moustache, hair a little too long at the back and a little too short at the front, a can of beer close at hand and Duran Duran blaring from the car stereo. German men are known as being insensitive, self-serving and cold; of course, that could be the description of men everywhere. By contrast, they are surprisingly sensitive, almost to the point of being completely insecure and unsure of themselves. If a girl comes up to talk to them, they might at first think she wants something from them.

It’s important to remember that many German men live at home for a long time, even after they have done their national service. Don’t expect them to be domestic wonders, nor be surprised when you come home and they’re watching football with a beer in their hands. If you do everything for them, they won’t try to stop you, but if you order them around, show some spunk, they’ll find you even more attractive.

The Sex Industry

Germany is tolerant, especially in the cities, of the sex industry and sex shops. “Hamburg”:'s Reeperbahn is the most notorious in Germany for live sex shows and has shops which sell a multitude of toys the mind could never dream of.

On Herbert Strasse, a street which runs parallel with the Reeperbahn and is open only to men over 18, the girls sit behind storefront windows. Don’t be scared. As this is Germany, it’s all very organised and legitimate. The girls are required to pay tax and undergo health checks every two months.

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