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Flight Comparison

It used to be that travel agents knew the best way to get you around the world cheaply but the internet has long since replaced them and remains the best way to compare prices.

Last Minute flights

In the old days the way to get cheap flights was to head down to the airport and wait for last minute flights to come up. You didn’t know exactly where you’d be traveling but hey, that was all part of the fun of it.

But you can still select Anywhere on…

Student Discount Flights

If you’re below the age of 26 or you’re in full time education, then you can head down to your nearest Student Travel Agency (STA – or sometimes called STB) and get flights with a 20-30% discount. This travel agency projects an image of the wild young person on their world tour (“Experience is Everything!”).

Whilst their flights are often the cheapest as far as open return tickets go, they deal with the standard flight companies and don’t go looking for backdoor budget flights like some of the smaller travel agencies.

So what do you do if you’re over 26 and you’re not a student?

Well, not that we’d ever suggest anyone should ever go into forgery or anything but we’ve heard that all STA ask for as proof is a letter from your college. Now, we’ve also heard that if that letter is in say, Portuguese, then your average travel agent at STA isn’t going to know what it says and will just trust the letter head and the dates that he sees on the letter.

Of course, it occurs to us that, hypothetically speaking, it’s rather easy these days to head to a college’s site on the internet and borrow the logo seen there and paste it into Microsoft Word. Sadly, some travelers will stoop at nothing.