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Charter Flights

“Oh, let’s all go on a summer holiday,
No more work for a week or two,”

Charter flights are the air carriers responsible for transporting the working class around the world to get drunk and obnoxious in a thousand resorts. They’re an integral part of the consumer travel industry and once they open up to a destination it’s likely to go to the dogs soon after.

Charter flights can be one of the cheapest ways to get around the world though as they’re particularly anxious to sell their unsold seats at any price they can. If you browse through offers posted on then you’ll come across a bunch of agencies who close deals on the phone and can find bargain charter flights for you.

Tickets on charters are usually limited to stays of 7 – 21 days though but may still be the cheapest option to get a one way flight somewhere and throw away the return half of the ticket. That way you also have no difficulties with immigration either.

You just have to endure a flight with the ‘popular’ sections of society (as they say in Spanish), many of whom may be drunk and bawdy, throwing up in the aisles and having sex in the toilets with someone they met in the queue at check-in.

Check for a variety of charter airlines offering discount tickets.