Cheap Travel

Low-Cost Flights

Low-budget airlines rule the skies in much of the world these days and have perhaps done as much for cultural exchange as they have for carbon emissions.

Although they may seem to be offering extremely cheap prices, however, be aware the likes of make much of their money by being sneaky. If you don’t print out your boarding pass they fine you. If your hand luggage is even a little too big, they fine you. And if you have a guitar then they have extra charges for that which mean it’s only worth taking one if you buy an extra seat for the instrument. The same goes for Wizzair and Vuelling.

These companies tend to treat their staff terribly as well, laying them off before they’re required to give them standard employment benefits.

If you’re travelling light, however, these airlines mean you can jump countries for peanuts. also offer very cheap flights but they let you take your guitar, they’re up front about their charges and they treat their staff well.

How do these companies offer such low prices?

Well, for a start they cut back on expenses like free meals and drinks to the extent that they acquired the name ‘no-frills’ airlines. They sell overpriced airline food, drinks, headsets for the movie and duty-free to passengers bored out of their minds.

There’s some money in that but they also make good money from people buying tickets at the last minute. Everyone assumes that these low-cost airlines will always be the cheapest and so they don’t check around, just typing in their credit card details and buying their flight without further thought.

The low-cost airlines also team up with the tourist industry in the destinations they target to offer hotels, rental cars and other tours.