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In the old days of travel, by the time you reached your destination you’d already been on a journey. Bumping along on rundown buses and trains, you met a whole cast of locals and fellow travelers, saw the scenery change slowly and felt yourself adjusting with each mile you got further away from home.

With the arrival of modern air transport, though, any idiot could arrive anywhere with no more than a credit card to get him there. With no grasp of the local language, culture or etiquette, mass tourism was born.

Now we’ve all got lazy and, in a culture of instant gratification, only real purists go everywhere by land. Flying around the world may not be the most environmentally-friendly way to travel but whilst they’re still piling up nuclear waste, it’s reasonable to guess that taking a few flights isn’t the end of the world.

So for better or worse, modern travelers are likely to find themselves in airports on a fairly regular basis. Here are some tips to flying on the cheap and getting through airports and immigration without too much hassle.