On the Road

Overcoming Fear

Will I be miserable if I travel alone?

Yes, occasionally. Traveling alone is harder as you have to watch your own back and get your own act together. You have to take care of yourself and decide on your own what to do. In short, you grow up.

Traveling alone is the best way to go if you’re up to it. It’s far easier to meet people when you’re alone and you’ll discover an independence you never knew you had.

You get to really sink into your trip without someone by your side chatting about stuff from home. And it’s not as if you’re going to be a traveling monk. When you’re in the mood for company head to the nearest hostel or bar and you’ll make hundreds of friends on the road. Don’t worry. Just go.

Will I get sick?

Yes, most likely you’ll be ill here or there for a few days. It’s no big deal. Your body takes time to adjust to foreign climates but if you take care of yourself you’ll be fine. Don’t freak out if you get a bit of diarrhoea. You’ll get used to it.

Will I get robbed?

It’s possible. But it won’t be the end of the world. If you carry your money safely you’ll probably be okay. Don’t carry things you couldn’t bear to lose. Theft helps teach you detachment about possessions and it’s rarely violent – most robberies take place while you’re not looking.

What will I do – will I get bored?

For many, it’s hard to imagine passing their days without work or studies to define their hours for them. But you better believe after a few weeks on the road it will take you all day just to get your laundry done and post a letter. Books, learning to play an instrument and hanging out with other travelers will keep you more than busy.