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About Sex Tourism

Some see the red light districts of the world throbbing with nervous tourists as the epitome of consumer culture. But don’t get too cynical, beyond the bar girls and mail order brides, there really can be love abroad…

Sex tourism is seen by many as the epitome of our consumerist society and a symptom of the economic inequalities that wrack this planet. The streets of Patpong, Copacabana or the red light district of Amsterdam all have their story to tell and the tale is of modern civilisation at its most sordid, glossy and sometimes farcical extremes.

But let’s get one thing straight: road junky does not approve or condone sex tourism as it’s commonly known and this is not a guide to getting laid around the world. Are we clear?

Instead we want to dispel some of the myths and propaganda of the politically correct, throw some light on one of the largest underground businesses in the world and have a look generally at the role money plays in inter-cultural relationships.

You’ll find no phone numbers of escorts or brothels and we won’t even make active the links to sites that do.

And as long as you understand that, then, well, Road Junky love you long time.