Work Abroad

English Teaching Guide

“I was going insane, I am going insane, I will go insane” Now get your students to say it.

If you’re a native speaker of English then you’ve always got a job somewhere abroad. Congratulations all you slackers! To be born with English as a mother tongue is one of the singularly most lucky things that could have happened to you.

Everyone wants to learn English as that’s where the money is. Almost every town around the globe has an English school of some description and they’re looking for someone just like you. And whilst your grammar may not be perfect in the present, your future conditional job depends upon it…

Why Teach English?

For starters, it may be the only thing you’re qualified to do in the dream country of his choice. Often the labour is already too cheap for you to get a job, you may lack the language skills to do other jobs and teaching English is often some of the best paid work around.

Teaching is an excellent way to meet the people in your chosen country, make contacts, get laid (or engaged!) and have a good time. It can also be a way to save some serious money if you choose a country like Japan.

Then, if you’re an egomaniac, as a teacher you can be the center of attention all you like. The classroom is your stage and you make each lesson happen with the force of your personality.

You may have to toe the line a bit as far as the school goes – many English institutes are hit and miss affairs run by despotic directors out to leech the students for all they’re worth. You’re the hired help, no more. This is especially true outside Europe and the States.

But no matter how petty the bosses may be, while you’re in the classroom it’s just you and the students. You can relax in your space and when class is over just look for the fire exit to avoid talking to the directors.

Does English teaching pay?

It can do. But it’s all a trade off. You could go and teach the Brazilians and dance every night but won’t get rich. Or you can decide whether the extra zeros in your bank account are worth the brain damage of teaching screaming kids in Taiwan for a year. In general the places that pay well, like Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia, do so for a reason – no one can stand going there.