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Smuggling Stories

Back in the heydays of the 60’s, drug smuggling was actually not all that difficult. The market in the West was still relatively small and customs officials simply hadn’t caught on to all the tricks used by travelers to bring back a kilo or two. The money went a long way and kept people on the road for years.

These days the profit margins have shrunk and airport surveillance increased so much that you really have to ask yourself is it worth it? The best way to do that is to ask yourself what value you’d place on a few years of your life – how much would you agree to be paid to spend a 10 year sentence in a foreign jail crawling with cockroaches and sadistic guards? If the profits don’t match that then you have your answer.

Some people choose to make their runs to Scandinavian countries where, if they’re caught, they can look forward to humane treatment, internet access, good food and maybe the chance to get a college education. Sounds so good you might be asking ‘how do you get in there?’

All fine and dandy if you get caught on that side but the real danger is run in the country of source. There you will find a complex matrix of corrupt police and informers who are constantly on the watch for foreigners moving dope. The people who sell to you may get half their product back by virtue of a quick call to the local police station. The hotel staff may listen at your door. And though the cops may take a bribe to leave you alone they also have their quotas to fill and it just might be your unlucky day. And if you’re caught at an airport then you might not be able to afford to bribe the entire customs division, even if they would accept a backhander.

Once you’re at the airport or border crossing everyone from the stewardesses to the customs officers are briefed on suspicious behaviour. However cool you think you may be under pressure your body may betray you. The professionals undergo extensive training to detect telling body language and they know all the tricks.

They know how to probe every orifice of your body and have x-ray machines standing by to check the contents of your stomach. And yes, they know about hiding dope in the soles of your shoes. Since French junkies were caught 30 years ago smuggling heroin inside the body of a dead baby, nothing surprises them any more.

Shocked? Hey, you wanted to be a drug smuggler.

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