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How to Swallow Hashish

This page used to contain information on how to swallow hashish safely.

As you can see, it doesn’t any more.

See, originally, we had the idea that people were going to do this kind of thing anyway and in that case it made sense to tell them how to do it in a way that wouldn’t land them in jail or hospital.

But now we figure that by putting the information out there we’re making it look too easy.

It’s a tough call.

Basically, it’s not a good idea to swallow hashish to smuggle it across borders. You don’t make that much money in the end and you run terrible health risks. They’re low but they’re bad. And just because it may be harder to detect in your stomach, it’s not impossible and you can still get busted before you swallow it.

Imagine throwing up the hash on the plane or shitting it out and then having to reswallow it. Is that really the kind of choice you want to be making?

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