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Drug Smuggling Guide


We’ve all been there. Sitting around stoned in some dingy guest house in Morocco or India or Mexico, gazing at a big pile of weed and wondering what it would be worth back home…

Grabbing a pencil and paper you work out that if only you could bring half a kilo of hash or weed back to the Western world you’d make a fortune!

You could sew the stuff into your dreadlocks or maybe stash it in the bottom of your guitar… hmm, maybe best take off the Bob Marley sticker first. What about if you wrapped it up in a pair of really smelly socks… Like, how hard could it be?

The reality is rather different. Roadjunky brings you a drug smuggling guide to let you know why it’s not worth it and what will happen to you if you’re caught. Drug treatment centers are paradise compared to jail – smuggling is not a cool way to make a living, it’s a dangerous one.

Please read the entire guide and educate yourself about this before even considering going ahead. Yes, lots of people do drug runs. Yes, they make some money. But in the words of Nicholas Cage in Matchstick Men, when asked if crime pays he replies:

“It does – just not that well.”

Drugs have a huge mark up from country of origin to country of consumption because of the international prohibition stamped on them, largely by puritan American administrations. The consequence of this is that anyone caught smuggling can face absolute living nightmares in foreign jails or end up in. Do not for a moment underestimate this.