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Dating Spanish Girls and Guys

Paul Theroux noted that Spanish pornography has an unhealthy obsession with bestiality and concluded that the bull fight itself might be a substitute sexual climax for the Spaniards. The blood, the shouting and the superstitious consumption of bull’s testicles to guarantee male potency all hints back to a pagan past.

Spanish women are famous for playing the feminine role to extremes and mothering their boyfriends to death. Consequently some Spanish men expect to be dressed and fed and generally looked after by their partners, something worth bearing in mind before you ask a Spanish guy for a date. Or if you want to hook up with a Spanish chick, could you stand her running after you in the street with a scarf on a cold day?

None of the above is probably relevant to the big cities like Madrid and Barcelona where attitudes to dating are as modern as anywhere in Europe but head to smaller towns in Andalucia and things get a bit more traditional.