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Dating Greek Girls and Guys

The Greeks have a poor time of it when it comes to their romantic image – sure, they had the original gods of Eros and Aphrodite, not to mention those dashing young heroes, Jason and Hercules – but the culture of catamites and homosexuality lingers on and makes Greeks the butt of dirty jokes in Europe today.

You might imagine that the beaches of Greece would be full of olive-skinned Greek girls and guys lying half-naked in the sun… and they might well do so were it not for the hordes of British working class who come on 2 week holidays to get drunk, sunburnt and laid with one another wherever and whenever. With cheap booze and cheap flights, the Brits give all tourists a bad name and behave like animals, scaring away any Greek worth knowing.

On islands like Crete, however, there are some hippie beaches where nudity is the norm and fun can be had all summer.

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