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Work & Costs

English teaching is in demand though the wages aren’t spectacular. You can make between $200-400 a month which is just about enough to live on. You’ll be expected to dress very smartly. Heading along to an interview, you’ll be made to feel a complete vagabond – all the other applicants will be dressed in suits worth around 3 months of their expected salary.

Teaching private lessons is the best way to go though very erratic. Put adverts in the newspaper and charge around $7 a class though you may be expected to travel to the student’s house. Always take money in advance for the month’s classes or else they’ll postpone and cancel at the last minute or maybe even not show up.

Do not smuggle drugs from Colombia. It is not worth your while, period. The jails are horrendous places that you will not survive and there are informants everywhere.

The same goes for any scam with emeralds. The mafia here is very dangerous.

Colombia is very cheap to travel and live and you can bum around here on about $10 a day. If you live here that could even come down to around $200 a month if you have simple tastes.