Drugs on the Road

Coke on the Road

You’re unlikely to come across much cocaine on the road unless you’re headed for South America. There travelers often go wild like schoolboys in a sweet shop. In places like Colombia and Brazil cocaine is everywhere and you might come across scenes you thought reserved for rock stars – where else in the world might you see a couple of guys casually lining up a thick trail of coke on the roof of a car in the street?

Of course, just because there’s an opportunity to take coke for cheap doesn’t mean that you should. Like diamonds, it’s not actually something of much value despite its high price. Taking a drug because it’s expensive is about as dumb as paying 10 times more for a shirt because it has a designer’s name on it.

Of course, many travellers see taking coke in South America as a way of getting a thrill and adding a little adventure to their trip. Just don’t forget that it doesn’t take long before most people using coke turn into obnoxious assholes.

If you decide to buy coke on the road be extremely careful. The person selling it to you may well set you up with the cops so as to gain a little shake down cash himself. Don’t go to the favelas or slums to buy as you may either get taken for all you’re worth or else busted the moment you leave.

Many travelers think about financing future trips by smuggling cocaine in their stomachs or in a false-bottomed suitcase. Such adventurers have no idea what your average South American jail looks like. If they did the majority would have nightmares even at the idea. Don’t do it.