Drugs on the Road

A Guide to Cocaine

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant normally found in powder form. It’s typically taken by cutting up the coke into lines and then snorting them through a rolled up banknote. Preferably of high denomination if hoping to impress.

Chewing coca leaves has been a part of indigenous culture in South America for thousands of years but the leaves must be accompanied by an alkaline such as lime juice to have any effect. Unrefined, coca leaves alleviate feelings of hunger and illness due to high altitudes. It is a mild stimulant and gives the mouth a numb feeling.

Crack cocaine is produced by heating coke with a chemical that causes a change in the chemical structure of the drug. It is smoked through a pipe and an intense feeling of well being arrives soon after. This highly addictive form of the drug makes a mockery of whatever free will you think you have.

Cocaine users can usually be recognized by a tendency to talk all the time without ever listening, to be dismissive and superior to other points of view and to need to be the centre of attention at all times. Put simply, cocaine is bad attitude in powder form. The most expensive way to enlarge your ego.

Cocaine is also responsible for a whole lot of misery in the world as there are massive profits involved and the trafficking of coke ensures that governments stay corrupt through Latin America and the profits bolster gang culture and mafia across the world, destabilising societies and terrorising the innocent.

40 years after Nixon began the War on Drugs, there remains as much drugs on the market as ever before and millions of lives have been destroyed in the process. We pray that one day it will become politically feasible to legalise cocaine and put an end to this madness.