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The capital is Phnom Penh– A wild city where anything can and does happen. The only major city in Cambodia, it’s a quiet place compared to other Asian cities, but full of debauchery for those who want it. Better to get out while you still can…

Siem Riep– The major tourist destination in Cambodia. It’s the base for seeing the Angkor ruins. It’s a small city, with a weird, New Orleans-in-Southeast-Asia-like feel. It’s a reasonably quiet place, full of middle-aged, middle-class tourists and a lot of backpackers.

Sihanoukville – Cambodia’s major beach destination. It’s still a relatively quiet place, at least coming from Phnom Penh… with decent beaches and good parties, particularly on holidays when all the expats from Phnom Penh hit the beach and get raving drunk. It’s also the cheapest (and best) place in Cambodia to buy skunk.

Sen Moronom- A quiet place, far in the east of the country. It’s pretty much the middle of nowhere, but after the rapid deforestation of the past 30 years, most of the jungle is in the area gone, leaving arid grasslands. It’s still a nice enough place to get away from the city, and it’s possible to trek in the forest with a guide or visit a hill tribe.

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