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Basic Info

Population: 36 million

Languages: English, Spanish (actually the majority language in some rural areas due to Latin immigration)

Government: Corporate-political.

American Immigration and Visas

People from Europe get three months when they come into the US. You have to have a ticket out of the country and make sure your passport is machine readable or your airline won’t even let you fly. Make sure you know where you’re going to stay and what kind of job you have back home. Know how long you’re planning to stay and look damn presentable. It’s still fairly easy to get into the US but they’re getting more and more paranoid and it’s good to have your story worked out. If you look vaguely Arabic or your name sounds Middle Eastern, be prepated to convince them that you’re a cleancut tourist with no connections whatsoever to anyone with any kind of grudge against the US.

Although the US actually depends upon illegal immigrants from Central America to work its agricultural and service industries, officially they don’t want foreigners coming in to work. So don’t arrive with a resume in your bag, professional tools or no money. If you plan to stay in the US then you’ll have to fly in and out every three months and eventually they’ll mach you into an interrogation room and tell you they have info on you that you’re working cash in hand in America. Stick to your story and, as long as you have sufficient funds, they pretty much have to let you through.

Getting a work visa or green card is really difficult but if you’ve been an illegal in the US for some time you might get lucky and qualify for one of the amnesties they have from time to time where all illegals are given the chance to become bonafide American citizens. Weirdly, when you leave the US there’s no immigration channel – presumably the person at the airline check in is supposed to check for overstays but they’re often too hurried to do so. In any case if you pass through the Mexican land border you’re probably just be waved through.

There are plenty of ways to work without official papers though. See the Work in the USA section