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Polyamory is the new bi when it comes to dating in the Bay Area.

In the Bay Area at least, it’s said that ‘polyamory is the new bi’. The days of monogamy are numbered as a new generation of free lovers keep a whole bunch of relationships going at the same time. In these circles people don’t refer to their long term lover as boyfriends or girlfriends but rather as their ‘primary’.

A quick look on the internet reveals the depth of the world of Californian swingers and dating and you can be part of it too. Join up under the mature section of Tribe and see if you can get invited to a ‘play party’. These are pretty much orgies in people’s houses or in alternative clubs where the rules for engagement are only that you should make eye contact before moving in.

Safe sex is a standard in California where there has been so much hype about the dangers of Aids and other STD’s that a woman might even ask you to use a piece of celophane over her parts when you go down on her.

A good way to hit on Californians is to take a course in palmistry/ tarot/astrology and offer to give someone a reading. That way you can get intimate and spiritual and predict they’ll go on a date with you.

The traveler in California has a natural advantage in a country that’s pretty cut off from the rest of the world. Ham up your accent a bit and you should get some dates without too much trouble – like just visualise it, man, like create that cosmic possibility of easy sex in your mind, bro…