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The British are said to be some of the easiest in the world to lay but that can surely only be true in the nightclubs once they’re pissed.

The days of “No sex, please , We’re British!” have passed away and some of the more rowdy clubs can be really sexually spontaneous. Don’t expect much of a conversation afterwards though.

Outside of this, the British are not so comfortable with body contact. So when you meet someone you like you’re not recommended to put your arm around their waist in the first few minutes of conversation. And if you do be sure to apologize.

If you’re hoping to get a date in the UK, it will probably be up to you to make the first move. Stunning foreign language students often come away from Britain with much lower self-esteem as no one hit on them for the whole of their stay.

As the British find it so hard to meet each other they often find themselves very lonely once the days of college have passed by and they’ve hit upon everyone possible at work. They often then take to going to evening classes to study French in the hope of meeting someone. How does it go? Voulez vous couchex avec moi?