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Work & Costs

Work in Brazil isn’t easy for travelers to come by unless you want to teach English and then there are a fair number of opportunities around the place. Private lessons are of course better money than working in schools but make sure you get your students to pay a month in advance or else they’ll never show up. A school might sort a visa out for you but then again they might not…

It’s possible to scratch out a living as an artisan but it’s pretty rough going. There are communities of artisans in the beach towns living hand to mouth though and they may help you get along.

If you learn Portuguese then it’s always possible to create work for yourself as a guide in Brazil. You can help tourists find apartments and connect them to tour services. Cut some deals with the locals to give you commission on all the fresh meat you bring them and then go fishng for lost backpackers walking around with copies of the “Lonely Planet” travel guides in their hands.

You can live in Rio de Janiero okay with 1500-2000 reais a month ($650-900 a month) and half that in the North East. Traveling around is more expensive of course and the long distance bus fares can be a budget breaker. Flights rarely work out that cheaply either so you’re best off taking your travels slow in Brazil and saving your money.

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