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Basic Info

Population: 170 million

Languages spoken: Portuguese though they generally they understand some Spanish. English spoken only by those with a good education or those working in tourism.

Race: Diverse mixture of European, African and Indigneous blood.

Economy: Brazil’s economy is on the rise though much of the country would never know it.

Government: Democracy. Corrupt as hell.




Most nationalities get three months when they enter and then an easy extension of three months at any major city’s immigration office.

If you overstay that then they’ll fine you when you leave about 3 dollars a day to a maximum of 300 dollars. So once you’ve overstayed that you may as well stay as long as you like.

No one checks your passport inside the country but if you are caught by the cops then they’ll give you 15 days to leave the country. If they catch you a second time you can be deported with a month’s holiday in the immigration jail – better to bribe them first.

Work visas are hard to come by and only the big companies will bother going through the paperwork to hire you on a legal basis. If you’re a teacher don’t expect too much of your English school as far as paperwork goes.


When to Travel in Brazil

Brazil is, of course, in the southern hemisphere so when it’s winter in the northern half of the world, the temperatures are rising in Brazil. It can get cold down in the southern parts of the country but Rio de Janeiro rarely falls below 17 c.

Tourist season starts around November and it peaks at New Year and Carnival in February. If you’re anywhere popular at those times you’ll get fleeced as the Brazilians treble their prices to make the most of the huge tourist influx.