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Health & Safety

The water in Brazil isn’t safe to drink in most places so travelers should mostly stick to bottled water.

Malaria and dengue fever are a risk in the Amazon and elsewhere. The medicine will fuck you up if you take it for long though. Only take the pills in extreme risk areas.

Don’t walk around Brazilian cities with jewellery or a watch on – even if it’s a cheap one they’ll assume that because you’re a gringo it must be valuable.

Don’t walk down shady streets and don’t walk around at night in the cities – take taxis unless you really know your turf. If you do, walk with attitude and keep your head up. Avoid doorways and stay in sight of people.

If you get mugged, give up what you have on you. They’re not interested in hurting you, they just want to make some cash.

NEVER go to a favela to buy drugs . Even if you get out alive the cops will be waiting for you at the bottom of the hill. Be very careful period when buying coke or marijuana . Trust your intuition and never buy much at any one time.

Use condoms, especially if you go with prostitutes . STD’s and HIV are rife.

Keep your possessions close with you as the street kids can swipe what you have in seconds if you’re unaware. A quick dip in the sea and your camera will be long gone. Ask someone to look after your stuff if you go for a swim.

If you get involved with a girl make sure she’s 18 or over. We heard of one guy who met a girl who was 17 but didn’t tell him. She took pictures of them together naked and then threatened to go to the police unless he paid up. The law is heavy on these cases.

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