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Beach Culture

Things get pretty hot on the beach in Brazil.

In many places in Brazil the beach is a religion that competes with Catholicism for the hearts and minds of the people. No self-respecting carioca (inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro) would let more than a fortnight pass without hitting the sands. It’s one of the few things in Brazil that is open to the poor as much as the rich and the only thing that tells them apart is the designer bikinis and expensive haircuts.

Often you get the feeling that the sea has nothing to do with the beach experience. For all the posturing and posing and flirting over a coconut juice few seem to notice their stunning environment. In fact in Rio on a busy day the beach gets so crowded you can’t even see the sea.

It’s considered ultra-cool to wear the tiniest bikinis and trunks but going naked would be quite immoral. It seems that those 3cm of cloth make all the difference when Brazilian girls come out of the sea, dripping with water..

If you go for a swim ask someone you find attractive to take care of your things – not only will the thieves have no luck but you’ll have a chance to start up a conversation afterwards.

Many Brazilians spend most of their waking hours thinking about their appearance. The beach is where they get to show off the results of all those hours spent at the gym.