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Travel to Coroico, Bolivia – Near Death Road

Coroico is a pleasant town sitting right between the mountains and jungle. Indeed, the area used to be high altitude jungle, until it was all cut down for farming and grazing. Still, there are several unimpressive waterfalls to explore in tiny sections of forest, for those inclined to walk under the brutally hot sun to find them.

Coroico itself is only a few blocks, really, but has a decent collection of hotels and some restaurants, though nothing spectacular. Most travellers stay one night in the town after taking the infamous ‘Death Road’ from La Paz. Some return to the mountains, while others take the hell trip for 20 hours by bus to Rurrenabaque. This is only for the most environmentally conscious or down and out travellers, though, as the bus is abysmal and the road worse, even in the dry season.

There is very little happening in Coroico, which may be an attraction to some. It is one of the rare places on the planet to see both glacier and jungle in the same place, as from the town itself the glaciers of the Cordillera Real are visible, as are scattered batches of high altitude jungle below.

M.J. Lloyd

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