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Don’t expect much in the way of romance in Bolivia. It’s a backward, remote, and isolated country, and Bolivians very much reflect that. Things like dental hygiene and daily bathing are only considered important for a small percentage of the population. The general Bolivian population isn’t very physically attractive to westerners, and it’s unlikely that Bolivian attitudes to sex are similar to yours. You’d have to hang around the major cities and universities for a while before getting a date in Bolivia.

Bolivian Girls

As in many poor countries, many Bolivian women would welcome the chance to land a foreign husband for the money that would change their lives. Things are far from modern though and gender roles are like in the old days where the woman is a domestic slave and the guy pays all the bills.

Even if you should get lucky in a rural area, if you get caught you’ll be expected to tie the knot at once or else face a public lynching. Free love has yet to come to most of Bolivia, only maybe closer to the Argentine border might you find some more modern attitudes towards sexuality.

On a positive note, Bolivia is absolutely full of young Israeli girls who might need some company along the way. Though Israeli girls are famous for sticking deep within the tribe on the road, there are always exceptions and then it’s Shabop Shalom, baby. You certainly won’t be facing too much competition from the Bolivian men.

Bolivian Guys

Although many Bolivian men wouldn’t say no to hooking up with a foreign girl, its unlikely that the feeling would be mutual. Attitudes are pretty backward here towards sexuality and sexual equality. Women’s rights are still an exotic foreign curiousity in Bolivia.

If only from a physical point of view, Bolivian men are on average about 5 foot 4 inches tall and don’t fit the typical picture of male beauty. Again, there are exceptions, particularly in the southeast of the country, but most foreign women who come to Bolivia single stay single, unless they meet another traveller.

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