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Lake Eyre, Australia's Dry Lake

When Europeans first started their intrepid exploration of the Australian continent, they believed there was a huge inland sea in the middle of Australia. They eventually discovered Lake Eyre and it was a bit of a disappointment because most of the time, the lake remains dry.

The lowest point in Australia at 49ft below sea level, Lake Eyre is situated in the Lake Eyre basin about 700kms north of Adelaide. The lake periodically floods if there has been a good monsoon season or local rain. Some fish do live in Lake Eyre when it’s flooded but, of course, they die again when it dries out (bit of a pointless exercise, isn’t it?)

Lake Eyre has its own established yacht club who sail on the lake when it’s flooded (every three to four years), but the Lake Eyre Basin is perhaps most famous for the attempts at land speed records that have been held there.

If you’ve ever fancied a lake holiday with a difference, Lake Eyre is the place.

Jamie McGraw