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King Island, Australia Destinations

Located in the Bass Strait off the north-western tip of Tasmania, King Island is famous for its produce. Go into any supermarket in Australia, head into the deli and refrigerated sections and you’ll be sure to find King Island cheeses, yoghurts and meat pies. Seafood is another product of the island and you can even get King Island Cloud Juice (it’s water, get it?), with nearby Cape Grim recording the purest air in the world. Australia’s only wild pheasant hunt is held annually on King Island and it considered one of the world’s best (if you’re into that sort of thing)

King Island is accessible by air but for those who want a cheaper option, try Bruny Island. A short drive south from Hobart, hop on a ferry and you’re there. Separated from the mainland by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Bruny Island is home to cattle pasture, inland forest and a vigorous fishing industry. Alternatively, go on a boat tour and check out the island’s fur seals and fairy penguins.

Jamie McGraw