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Dating in Australia depends largely whether you come from a city or regional/country area. Dating in the cities is ritualized, competitive and full of players and poseurs; dating in regional and country areas tends to be much more down-to-earth.

Aussie Sheilas

Aussie sheilas can be incredibly hot, average or real scrubbers. [downright ugly] Attitudes towards sex and dating are quite liberal and religion has little influence so Australian women have nothing to fear apart from pregnancy, STDs or having the nude photographs their boyfriends took posted on a dubious amateurs’ website.

Australia has produced more beautiful women than you can have an orgy with: Elle McPherson, Miranda Kerr and Miss Universe winner Jennifer Hawkins, among others. Remember that a beautiful woman can pick and choose her men. You may get lucky and strike one that has a fetish for a sexy foreign accent, but it’s unlikely.

There is a solution: alcohol. Australian women are renowned for enjoying a drink or two, and binge drinking – especially amongst teenagers and women in their twenties – is an increasing and serious problem in Australia. It also means you’ll find it easier to get laid, although your partner may not remember what happened the night before (and you may be puked on)

Even with alcohol helping out, travelers are more likely to hook up with other travelers. Many of the navel-gazing clubs and bars of Sydney and Melbourne will only really be options if you know someone, dress well or have a hot chick on your arm, but elsewhere there’s a genuine warmth and friendliness.


Aussie Blokes

The Aussie bloke is typically easy-going, likes beer and plays or watches plenty of sport, and it’s more likely that he’s simply trying to get a root [easy lay] rather than start any meaningful relationship with you. There are sensitive, loyal Aussie blokes around, but they’re less likely to be found in the meat markets of pubs and clubs.

There is a difference between city and country blokes. The city blokes, where competition is greater and women are more frequently looking for a ‘catch’, will dress to impress, hang out at all the hip bars and drive a late-model sports car even if they go into debt for it. Country blokes are more likely to wear practical gear, drive a 4WD and own a dog.

Gays and Lesbians

There is a very liberal attitude towards gays and lesbians in the major cities. There is even a whole street and parade dedicated to gay and lesbian culture in Sydney: Oxford Street. If you’re in one of the major cities, you’ll be able to find gay bars, saunas and whatever else may tickle your fancy.

If you’re a gay male and try to proposition another guy in a country or regional town, you may be in for trouble. There’s an insidious thread of unjustified hatred for gays and lesbians in some Australian communities and gays have been assaulted because of their sexuality. It is however more likely that the hot country boy you’ve just propositioned will probably just tell you to, “fuck off.”

Sex in Australia

House prices and rent in Australia has increased dramatically over the past six or seven years and this means many Australians now share accommodation or live with their family well into their twenties. Inviting them back to your hotel (or having a quickie on the beach) may be the only way to get any privacy. The emergency pill is available over the counter at pharmacists and condoms are easily accessible.

Jamie McGraw