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Basic Info

Population: 20 million

Languages spoken: English. Various Aboriginal dialects may be spoken in remote communities.

Race: Primarily Caucasian. A large proportion of Australians were born in the United Kingdom. Aboriginal, Torres Strait and South Sea Islanders form a small part of the population. Those of southern European and Asian descent are also quite common.

Economy: Good but slowing. The insatiable demand for natural resources from China is softening Australia from the full impact of the slowing global economy.

Visas: If you’re coming to Australia on a holiday or working holiday, no problem unless you have a criminal record (ask Snoop Dog) If you want to live in Australia, you’ll have to marry an Australian, have lots of money, have a skill that’s in need or prove your refugee status (while you’re waiting for the Federal Government to determine if you are a bona fide refugee, you’ll most likely be stuck in a detention centre in the middle of the desert somewhere)

When to Travel in Australia: Australia is so geographically diverse that it really depends on what you want to do. If you want the sun, sand and surf, November to April is the best time. The wet season in the north lasts from December to April and there is a risk of cyclones. You can hit the ski slopes from June to early September.

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