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Australia’s Outlying Territories

Norfolk Island is a dependency of Australia and popular tourist destination with large stands of pine trees. Lord Howe Island is another island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: World Heritage listed, Lord Howe Island boasts large tracts of subtropical rainforest. The island is home to numerous bird species and a unique species of mushroom (no, not the type you’re thinking of) that glows in the dark.

Christmas Island and the Cocos and Keeling Islands have more in common geographically and ethnically with their close neighbor Indonesia.

Macquarie Island is bloody cold and administered by Tasmania. A World Heritage Site, it consists of oceanic crust and rocks usually found within Earth’s mantle. Macquarie Island is a massive sea bird breeding colony with a number of unique marine species.

The Australian Antarctic Territory was claimed by Australia in 1936 and comprises a significant portion of eastern Antarctica. The main stations there are Mawson, Davis and Casey. It’s unlikely you’ll see it unless you work for the Australian Antarctic Division.

The Heard and McDonald Islands are some of the most inaccessible islands in the world. Heard Island is home to the only active volcano in Australian territory and the only active volcano in sub-Antarctic territory. There is a strict permit system for visitors and it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed there – even if you can afford to get there in the first place.

Jamie McGraw