On the Road

Around the World Travel Guide – Getting far away for a long time

A guide to traveling around the world from planning, flights to packing.

Working in the real world has got you down? Feel like you’ve been at school forever? With the stresses and strains of modern society it’s easy to feel like we’re missing out on life. Our jobs require us to focus on some narrow aspect of finance, technology or service and somewhere along the line we lose our sense of balance. Media pumps us with the belief that if only we continue to make purchases – that next big TV, car, the newest video game; the consumption will somehow make us feel better.

What to do about this problem of chaos and confusion? One answer is easy: save money, quit and then take off for a trip around the world. There are many guides to around the world travel scattered around the web but the truth is that many of them just don’t get what it is all about. In Roadjunky’s guide to Travel Around the World we reveal the cheapest and easiest ways to decompress from a high-stress meaningless life by launching yourself into the experiences that the world has to offer. If you can muster the courage and let go you will re-emerge balanced, healthy of mind and with a global perspective that no college degree can offer.

If it is your first time traveling read Roadjunky’s guide for Travel Virgins.

Jim Klee

Jim Klee – sports a mangled passport and a well-worn rucksack. He believes travel to be a form of therapy against modern civilization’s madness. In 2002 Jim embarked on a journey starting with a one-way ticket no return to Mexico City. Some months later he discovered Tom Thumb sleeping in the shade besides his tent on a beach in Costa Rica. After surviving rip currents in Mexico, nearly freezing to death trekking solo in Patagonia, and getting knocked unconscious by submerged rocks while surfing in Australia, Jim decided to clear his head by beelining his way (mostly overland) to the Himalaya. There a regimen of Sufi poetry, yoga up in the mountains, and cheap gel pens resulted in a stack of notebooks containing an unpublishable travel novel. He re-emerged in New York City in late 2004 and Road Junky was born soon after.