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Basic Info

Population: 39.5 million

Race: White or mestizo, mostly Spanish and Italian descent. Some indigenous American.

Language: Spanish or Castellano, the Argentine dialect.

Religion: Catholic but modern enough to pretend not to be.

Government: Democracy.

If you want a whole load more paranoid statistics you can always ask the CIA for the Argentina information.

Getting There and Away and Around

Flights are pretty expensive in South America; the only cost effective options are to/from Buenos Aires to Chile (Santiago) and Brazil (Rio/Sao Paulo). These can be bought for around $300.

Flights from the United States to Argentina are expensive as well. The cheapest are out of Miami. $500 round trip would be a great price.

Border crossings are straight forward. Coming from the tri-border area with Brazil/Paraguay at the Iguasu Falls will likely lead to you being searched on your bus. Otherwise the Chilean, Bolivian and Uruguayan borders are all very easy, open and safe. Snow in the Andes closes some of the borders with Chile in the winter.

Visas and Overstays

Like most South American countries you are typically allowed 90 days upon entry; to renew these 90 days is as simple as crossing the Chilean border.

People from most 1st world nations do not need to acquire a visa beforehand to enter Argentina. Travelers continuing on to Brazil can get a visa for that country at the consulate in Buenos Aires.

Weather and Climate

Temperate. Long, harsh winters in Patagonia April until November. Summers are pleasant, although it can get hot in the north.

General Travel Tips

Don’t be put off when Argentines seem rude to you, it’s just the way some of them can be.

Night buses are a great way to travel. They’ll save you the cost of night’s accommodation, are comfortable and climate-controlled, and cost as little as $20 for rides bringing you all the way across the country.

Visit the south of the country in the summer unless you plan to go skiing.