On the Road

How to Carry Money On the Road

Keep your money safe with traveller’s cheques, ATM’s or by burying jewels beneath your skin.

Now that you’ve worked for 6 months cleaning toilets, waiting on snotty customers who don’t tip at restaurants and creating future spinal complaints picking fruit, the last thing you want is to lose all of your travel money to a pickpocket, hustler or thief.

Happily, things are a lot easier than in the old days of travel when bandits awaited in every dense forest and mountain pass. Indeed, you’re increasingly more likely to have your bank account emptied by a cyber thief – be careful with logging into your bank account from internet cafes in the third world…

However, your shiny backpack, guidebook in the hand and naive, optimistic expression on your face as you emerge from the bus station, totally lost, all act like neon signs for every mugger, thief and street urchin for a mile around.

There are a variety of solutions to carrying your money around the world and we explore some of the options here. If only your good looks alone were enough to pay for your meal at the taco stand…