Work Abroad

How To Find Work Abroad

In theory you need a working visa to get jobs in other countries, in practice most of the jobs we’ve listed can be paid cash in hand.

As soon as you arrive start speaking to all of the locals and let it be known in every conversation that you’re looking for work. Get a mobile phone and get your number out there – leave it with prospective employers, give it out to people you meet, make fliers. Jobs won’t come to you by themselves.

First, of course, you might want to think about what kind of jobs you want to do. Write out your skills on a bit of paper and get creative – check out the sections below for ideas.

Hospitality Jobs

For the backpacker who can put on a smile whilst serving the most tedious and difficult of all entities – the General Public. Truly, the hospitality workers will inherit the earth.

Business Jobs

For the traveler who can do sums in his head, preferably faster than the person he’s selling to. Can you wheel and deal? Can you fleece the naïve? Can you spot a good opportunity and milk it for all it’s worth? Welcome to the world of business.

Labour Jobs

For the grunts among you with the muscles, the stamina or just the love of plain hard work. The hours can be long but the money’s usually good and what is it that makes the world go round? It’s all the grunts pushing it, of course.

Intellectual Jobs

If you feel that the pen is mightier than the spade (or you’re just too weak to lift one anyway) then make the most of your brains on the road and prostitute your intellect to the highest bidder.

Skilled Jobs

Your abilities are the one thing you can take on the road without increasing your baggage allowance. There’s always money in selling your skills abroad, even if only to other travelers. If you don’t have any skills – learn something!


Oh it’s such a hard life for the artist traveler. A rucksack full of inspiration and a world full of unappreciative barbarians. Learn how to make the philistines pay for the products of your Muse on the road.

Get out there and get working.