Work Abroad

101 Ways to Work Abroad

The number of ways to work and travel are infinite but we only got as far as 101 travel jobs to inspire you… quit stalling and get out there.

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The main excuse people give for staying home is that they’ve managed to tie themselves down with a thousand real or imagined responsibilities – the job, the relationship, the dog, the chess club – none of which they could dream of leaving behind.

Other people are simply too afraid to take their chances looking for a job overseas. Their current job might be boring but at least it’s safe. The idea of facing a foreign language and culture in the quest to make a buck is altogether too much.

Still others would like to find a job abroad but just have no idea of how to start. The world seems a pretty daunting place from afar and few travelers want to head off without a steady budget and a promising interview awaiting them at the very least.

Yet this world is still full of opportunity for the talented, the hard-working, the creative, the brave or simply the lucky. Surely you belong to at least one of those five groups? Anyway, Road Junky is so sick of travelers whinging about not having enough cash to get on the road that we’ve put together a list of job ideas, contacts and opportunities to work abroad.

And if you still can’t find work then there’s nothing to do but admit you’re a lazy bastard…